A historic Civil Rights Event

to save defenseless innocent children!


The Freedom Tour to Birmingham Alabama was a historic success! Over 300 Afro-Americans accompanied by a contingent of Caucasian pro-life advocates marched for the civil rights of the unborn in the streets of Birmingham. Busses with signs such as “You Got the Right to Vote, Now Give Me the Right to Live”, and “4 Little Negro Girls were Killed by a Bomb, Abortion Kills 726 Little Negro Girls Every Day!”, rolled right alongside parade marchers singing the “songs of freedom” from the civil rights movement’s early years.

Many parade marchers held 6 x 14 foot signs depicting the horror of abortion and the hypocrisy of choice. As it was in the sixties, the Afro-American clergy must respond to the decimation of our communities and moral decay of our people. We can no longer compromise our depleted core of morality for a political agenda that strips us of our faith in our God and His church. There is a silent cry from a segment of our community that is not being heard by our clergy and elected officials. Children in the womb whose rights are being violated and their mothers who are being victimized for profit.

The Freedom Tour will continue till justice rolls down like a mighty river, till there is a repetitive spirit in our churches, till there is no longer silence in our pulpits regarding the urban holocaust of our children. Till then we will fight on!. Thus we set our sights on St. Louis. To remind the church and America that man’s inhumanity to man is often directed against the innocent.

Dred Scott, in 1857, heard the Supreme Court of the United States, in this city, declare him, and all Afro-Americans in this country, not human.

Dred Scott was guilty of one thing and that was being a Negro. He was denied the provision of equal status provided for all Americans in our constitution. Still some 146 years later the same spiritual blindness, the same prejudices, the same motive of greed plagues innocent children in the womb. They too are declared not human, they too have no rights, they too are declared guilty, they too are victimized for profit, they too must be set free!! You are welcome to join the Freedom Tour. Come stand for those who cannot stand for themselves. Meet me in ST.Louis, October 12th and 13th 2003.